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Seven teenage drivers die every day in car accidents. Our mission is simple: We're here to help fix it.

The old way to buy your teens first car- buy an old beater and hope for the best. The new way - make better decisions, match the car to the child, and let our algorithm help you narrow down the safest of those choices.

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The number one cause of death for American teens is auto accidents. Also, accidents send 285,000 teens to the hospital each year. These statistics haven't changed in over ten years, despite a steady decline in overall traffic fatalities and changes to state licensing laws.

Why is that?

Simply put, we are putting teens in cars that are too old and ill-equipped to help protect them. Studies conducted by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have proven this fact. The problem is that parents unknowingly put the worst driver in the family in the most out-dated, inadequate vehicle in the family fleet. It's time to lose the "put the kid in the jalopy because they will wreck it" mentality.

Today's cars are the safest, strongest vehicles ever built and come equipped with tools to keep inexperienced drivers out of trouble. Some even come equipped with tools to help you monitor and coach your teen driver. You have many options as a parent, but it can be confusing to navigate the hundreds of combinations of feature names, model changes, and prices.

Our mission is to educate all parents about the statistics facing teen drivers, explain car features designed to help protect them, and match the safest cars to your child and your budget. While no car can guarantee a fatality will not occur, you will sleep better at night knowing you have made a wise choice and done everything you can to help protect your family from the unthinkable. That's our promise.

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Our website will find matches to your criteria, tells you what percentage of a match they are, and sorts your matches utilizing our specialized safety ranking system.

Let's match the car to your kid and your budget

Don't know what to look for? No problem.

Simply enter your budget, your zip code, and select the safety criteria the car has to have for your child, and we'll show you the matches.

Then our algorithm will rank your selections based on our own safety ranking formula linking over fifteen different datapoints.

Save cars in your garage to evaluate anytime you want.

Match Me
A new approach: Matching the car to the kid and your budget.

New to this? Start here and let us make sense of safety for you. We pioneered the concept of 'matching the car to the kid' to maximize your search for the right mix of safety components while satisfying all budget constraints.

Each child is different, and so is each family situation and budget. Here is where you can learn about all the latest car safety features available to you as a parent and decide which features are the right match for your teen driver.

This concept will help you focus on the features that matter most to you and will assist you in matching cars to your criteria.

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Let us Find it For You

From the dealer lot to your driveway, Rookie Rides will help you locate local inventory that matches your safety criteria, help you find financing, and get no obligation insurance quotes before you buy.

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Sleep soundly knowing you made the safest choice for your teen driver.
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